16 Aug 22: Australia’s Indigenous Science Network

Mark Linkson was the presenter for our August ACI webinar on “Australia’s Indigenous Science Network.”

A former YCW leader from Adelaide, Mark has taught in Indigenous communities in northern Australia and the Torres Strait islands for more than 30 years.

With this wealth of experience, he has become the Australian coordinator for the Indigenous Science Network (ISN), a global initiative based in Australia that promotes the use of Indigenous science in education and highlights the work of Indigenous scientists.

Mark Linkson

ISN’s work

Founded at a meeting in Darwin in 1998 for people attending the Australian Science Teachers’ Conference (CONASTA) and the conference of the Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA) who were interested in Indigenous science, ISN has expanded to include people from all over the globe and includes academics, researchers and classroom practitioners.

Its key means of communication is a bulletin released four times per year, offering a compendium of articles, resources, opinion, academic papers and conferences related to Indigenous science, teaching and education.

The network’s aims are:

  • To promote First Nations science, teaching and education
  • To support all educators who would like to improve their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous science and how to access and use it in their teaching
  • To involve Indigenous scientists, educators and community members who support the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge in teaching science and are open to dialogue and sharing about their own experiences.



Mark Linkson, Indigenous Science Network (ACI)


Indigenous Science Network